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 I'm young, Ive been  cooking professionally for about six years for the best chefs around the  city learning various styles of our cuisines  (Jamaican,Chinese,Thai,Korean,middle eastern, Canadian, American,  vegan). Im  a freelance private with have a list of dishes  and prices for the items. My mission is to give you restaurant quality food in you home, let me know if your interested.

Our Services


ThatrealdopeD*ish* brings a professional chef right to your kitchen for an in-home  personal meal. The chef prepares food from my  unique custom menu  and brings in ingredients, cooking equipment, and their own expertise,  to ensure a high quality dining experience that you will remember.

Vegan Friendly and Plant Based!


Also I have cool new versions of vegan food like calamari, Reuben sandwiches, steak, even chicken wings. Show people vegan food can be dope too!

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Our Services

GF-Gluten Free V-Vegan NF-Nut Free- Meal items are priced for 2 people.

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